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Audio, Video and Lighting
System Evaluation,
Consultation and Design
System Evaluation

In today's ever-changing world, technology is important in communicating the message and programs of organizations. Determining if your current audio, video, or lighting system is meeting your needs can be a challenging task. Technology is constantly changing, and the capabilities of new technology can help to communicate in new and exciting ways. We help you to evaluate your system to see if your current equipment can meet your needs, or if elements of your system need to be updated. We help our clients optimize the systems they have, while bringing new cost-effective yet state-of-the-art options for consideration and implementation. 


Having a consultant you can trust is crucial for success in the world of AV technology. We help our clients develop and implement technology plans that will meet the needs of the organization. Your mission is the driving force in determining system updates and new systems. We also have a philosophy that systems should be as user-friendly as possible. As a result, we focus on training your personnel along with adding new elements to current systems. If current systems are not working for you, we help you to determine WHY this is occurring. If you want to communicate your message in a new way, we help you to determine HOW to do it. 


Designing new systems requires more than a list of the "latest and greatest" new equipment in the market. It involves making careful determinations of how to best communicate your message, and to meet the needs of the largest musical and theatrical programming the venue will host. It takes into account the personnel you have, and determines the personnel you may need in order to effectively operate new and existing systems. We will provide a comprehensive solution for new and existing facilities that will exceed expectations. 


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