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Selah Media Productions is an audio, video, and lighting integrator that specializes in helping organizations communicate  with artistry and excellence. 

A Brief History

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Buck Roberts graduated from Appalachian State University in 1985 with a Music Education degree. He spent years as a public school band director and a worship pastor of a contemporary church in Boone, NC. During this time, Buck spent a large amount of time implementing technology into various church environments in the region. He also started a school of worship for youth, teaching musicianship and technology to students, many of whom still continue in those disciplines. Buck is an accomplished audio engineer, A/V installer, teacher and musician. He has worked with many well-known Christian artists in production and engineering. Buck holds the CTS certification from AVIXA, the leading standards organization in the AV industry. 

Jenny Roberts manages all of the administration and scheduling for Selah Media. She has a Masters degree in Oboe Performance from Appalachian State University and has performed in many local orchestras and churches. 


In 2005, from their experience in education, music performance and the ministry Buck and Jenny started Selah Media Productions to provide for the A/V needs of churches and businesses.


Buck and Jenny have been married for 39 years and have two sons. Tim is the owner of Reverie Drum Company, and Kevin is studying economics at Duke University. 


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