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We know adding and purchasing new technology can be intimidating.  


You have to do all the research and make a lot of decisions and you might not even know what you really want.

You may have received quotes from other companies, and you are not sure if you will be getting a good system. 

Having someone to consult with who knows what they’re talking about can save you a lot of time and money.

One Hour Consultation: $80  Each additional hour: $50.  

During your consultation, we will discuss your situation and cover all of your questions in your journey to improving your AV System. We can meet with individuals or committees.

Topics may include:​
  • Do we need a new sound system?

  • Do we need components of our system to be replaced?

  • How do we improve our stage lighting? House lighting?

  • How do we make the equipment we have work better for us?

  • How do we add a streaming setup to our AV system?

  • What is the best way to improve our display technologies? 

  • We are building a new facility. Where do we start?

  • We have received quotes from other companies. Can you review them and help us decide who to choose?


Of course, we can supply equipment and design services if you desire, but no obligation.

Fill out the form below to start the process. We will be in touch to schedule your personal session. 

We are located in the US eastern time zone, and will work to accommodate your location. 


Need help or advice about what to do with your AV system?  Help is HERE.

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